Our Core Values

What We Believe in

  • Reach the Unreached

Our vision is specific, reaching the unreached in our world, and making disciples of all nations. No side attraction can make us shift from this focus; and no temptation to opt for softer grounds can.

  • Prayer is the Work

Our first duty is prayer, and our work can only advance as we pray. Every inch of the ground must be taken through prayers. This is our firm conviction, and that is why we implore the Church to pray for us.

  • Sacrifice

The first thing we sacrifice is our life. From that point it would be easy to forgo personal ambitions, comfort, etc. We may face hardships in the course of fulfilling our calling, but we see this as part of our calling. We are told in no uncertain terms by the Lord of the Harvest to forsake all; not as a way of doctrine, but as way of life, as a way to effectiveness and spiritual fruitfulness.

  • The Urgency of the Task

We consider every moment of our labour precious because of the shortness of our life span and the fact that doors of opportunity to win the lost will not always be open. And all around us men are slipping into a Christ-less eternity. The words of the Lord rings in the ears of our soul “I must work while it is day. The night comes when no man can work”

  • Holiness

The Christian calling is a call unto holiness. Therefore, ungodliness and every form of worldliness are incompatible with Christianity.

  • Simplicity

We deliberately choose a simple and humble lifestyle. We refuse every temptation to copy the sophistication around us…Any approach to ministry that is different from Jesus’ style, we consider as a failure, no matter how positive the results seem to be…And so, our definition of success is fruitfulness as we follow the Master’s footsteps.

  • Love

Our call is to love God and one another and all men. At CAPRO we see ourselves first as a family and not just colleagues.

  • Evangelism

We believe that the greatest tragedy facing mankind is man’s present alienation from God because of sin and the eternal consequences it will bring. And though there are many other tasks that must be performed in the line of our duty our mission is to preach the simple but life-changing gospel of our Lord Jesus.

  • Living by Faith

“Since the work we are doing is not ours, but God’s, we trust Him to supply…And though we receive no personal salary from the Mission, we believe that God will ensure our upkeep…We live by faith, and as long as our faith does not fail, we shall survive the testing periods…Our resources may be limited, and the odds much against us, we believe that by faith, the table shall be turned in our favour.”

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