Christian Volunteer Service

What is it?

The CVS provides you with the opportunity to spend six months to a year of your life offering your skills to serve the cause of missions in a CAPRO team. CVS is also a season that allows you to live under live mentorship will matured missionaries that will give you oriented for life and future ministry.

What will you be doing?

Many missionaries and other Christians suffer severe difficulties because of the lack of professional support. Though some volunteers may serve as evangelists and pastors, most will work as professionals. The CVS is expected to provide professionals in administration, media, agriculture, computer science, education, health-care services, architecture, building, journalism, engineering, driving, clerical, catering, secretarial duties and research works etc., to provide such supports. The LORD can use you to meet any of these professional needs.

Who is qualified?

Any willing born again Christian who has a skill to share may participate. However, preference will be given to young university graduates.

This CVS is not just about serving with CAPRO, volunteers may be sent to other participating Christian organization. With hundreds of thousands of people still unreached with the gospel, no Christian should ignore the call to get involved.

Wondering what will happen to you because you are untrained in missions or theology? Fear not. All participants are exposed to a short orientation course at the beginning of the program.

Other services involved

During CVS participant will also have opportunities for short term outreaches in evangelism and ministry in general, irrespective of the nature of their primary service.


We do not charge a fee rather CAPRO provides accommodation as well as electricity and water (depending on where you are posted to serve). You will be responsible for your feeding and upkeep during CVS.

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