Equip Your Local Church

“Every Church and Christian ought to be like an atlas rooted in a place but bearng the world on their shoulders.”

CAPRO MISSIONS seeks to partner with local churches and denominations towards transforming them from mere local churches to global players in the task of world evangelisation.

  • We NETWORK with pastors to build mutually enriching relationships
  • We offer Training in Discipleship to individual beleivers and their local churches in order to deepen their walk with the Lord
  • We work with churches to help develop and sustain a missionary vision
  • We offer relevant Evangelism and Missions Training for beleivers and churches
  • We help mobilise, recruit, train and place missionaries among the least evangelised peoples within the 10/40 window
  • We seek to transform communities through the practical demonstration of the Love of God in acts of mercy

It is our firm belief that this is the hour of the African church in world evangelisation. And we also believe that no single church, ministry or agency, by itself, has all it takes to get the job done; thus the imperative for partnership.

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