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(CAPRO Sending Team) is a local church or Christian fellowship group that has its own operations and leadership structure, independent from CAPRO, which has agreed to a formal partnership with CAPRO. Read more...


(Christian Volunteer Service) is a part-time service for partners who want to use their skills and expertise to enhance CAPRO work in the area of finance, administration, media, Project management & IT to name a few.


(Home Sending Team) is an organized structure with in CAPRO for Senders/Partners with a conviction to strategically mobilize for CAPRO fields, projects, & workers within a given region or city. Read more...


(CAPRO Missions Prayer Cell) is a group of Believers who identify with the vision of CAPRO and commit themselves to praying for CAPRO work and its workers. CMPCs gather at least monthly in different localities for cooperate prayers, as well as to encourage others to get involved.

What we do


Furnace is our monthly mission focused zoom meetings aimed at igniting the youth of our generation to stand against compromise, to have the willingness to perish for truth, remain trusting in the saving hand of God and having a resilient attitude in the face of the evils of our time. It holds every last Tuesday of every month


Our CAPRO Student Focus is to raise a generation of young vibrant believers who are envisioned to be transformative agents in their local spheres of influence and globally towards people groups, tribes, and places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not gained a foothold. We are dedicated to walk a journey with campus students by providing quality training, spiritual mentorship and community outreaches that mobilizes and equips students for global missions


The Discipleship , Intercession and Missions Exposure Programme (DIMEP) is designed to help men and women who desire to grow in their personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and their walk with Him. Men and women who yearn to be shaped into God's image the more. It is also for those who want to cultivate a passion for soul-winning and learn the basics of evangelism and missions


Operation Joshua is an outreach to any one of CAPRO’s church planting fields to serve, encourage and be exposed to firsthand mission-field experiences, touch lives and get impacted for life.


CAPRO Volunteer Internship is a 6 month to 2 year full-time program for those exploring their potential missionary calling. It focuses on introducing one to Christian living within the mission, integral ministry & cross cultural missions.


School of Discipleship and Missions is a 6 months residential training programme aimed at equipping Christ's followers on their path of discovery in ministry; and an in-depth time to expose them to God's global mission.

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