Opportunities to Serve

Ways to serve

 There are many ways you can get involved with CAPRO-SA. For more information do contact us.

  • Become a full time missionary
  • Give
  • Go short term via our Operation Joshua Programme
  • Volunteer for six months or a year under our Christian Volunteer Service (CVS)
  • Get equipped and attend one of our courses
  • Adopt a missionary for giving
  • Adopt a missionary child
  • Give towards our missionary kids trust fund mktf
  • Adopt a mission field for giving
  • Start a Mission Prayer Cell
  • Join an Mission Prayer Cell
  • Pray using our monthly bulletin
  • Tell your friends church group or a business about us
  • Volunteer a few hours to help at our base or in our mercy missions
  • Contribute monthly groceries to help the volunteers at our base

Churches and individuals

The church is called to take the gospel to and make disciples of every nation (every ethnolinguistic grouping on earth) for there are still several ethnic groups without the gospel. We believe strongly that the church must go, give and pray to see them reached. We all have a responsibility to encourage our churches to do missions. CAPRO can help you equip your members to be more useful at home and ready for the nations. And also help you reach the ends of the earth.








Corporate donors

 CAPRO is doing a great job of extending the reach of the gospel and going where others aren’t. You with CAPRO can impact the world and really change things for good and for Christ. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey by giving to us financially. We can advise you and your business on how best to serve Christ through missions in this way. For example, CAPRO is involved in several community development projects and in empowerment of disadvantaged youths and humanitarian projects. Your partnership will help us make more difference in many more lives so please contact us for a chat.



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