How we are financed

“God's work done God's way, will never lack God's supply”.

Ways of giving

Give to CAPRO Work

Give to a CAPRO Missionary

Give to a CAPRO Project

CAPRO MISSIONS is a FAITH MISSION, sustained by God through the gifts & freewill from our partners; who are individuals and Churches with a burden for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. God has not failed to send His resources our way through the commitment of faithful partners and friends of the MISSION and missionaries.

methods of giving

One Time Gift

To give a once off gift to a missionary, mission department, or the organisation as a whole you can do so by making a deposit to our account.


Account Number: 62125598237
Branch Code:252645
Ref: Your name + desire of use of gift

Monthly Debit Order

As part of our fundraising we have a campaign where one gives monthly from a minimum of R100 to any amount desired.
NB: RIGHT CLICK & SAVE AS or Just Click the Download Button. Please return the filled to

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